First shipment in the mail.

February 1, 2009

I’m going to say right up front that self-distribution is a new thing for us. Getting commercial-quality disc duplication with printing, arranging the DVD case artwork and even ordering the cases themselves, along with mailing is quite an endeavor for newbies. But I’m happy (and a bit proud) to say the the first round of THE AUDACITY of DEMOCRACY two-disc sets have been mailed out and should be in the hands of purchasers within a few days. So far, we’ve gotten feedback from only three of the people we sent preview screeners out to: Central Park 7, Sheri Tag and Tommy Christopher. We’re encouraged by the comments we’ve received at this juncture, and hope that others who view the film will offer their comments as well.

Thanks to everyone who’s placed an order.


Audacity is here!

January 22, 2009